Snip Snap! Rapunzel Retold

Snip Snap! Rapunzel Retold

A one woman puppet play by Joy Haynes Little Chair Projects

One day a woman stood by a little window and looked down on the splendid garden next door. It was planted with a lush green vegetable called ‘Rapunzel’ – it looked so delicious she longed to eat some…
So begins an iconic story of impossibly long hair, ties that bind and the desire to belong, of cutting loose and new beginnings. Full of humour, magic and surprising costume transformations, Snip Snap! reimagines the familiar with enchanting original imagery and playful glove puppets.

Suitable for ages 4+ and family audiences.

The event is finished.


02 Aug 2023


Also showing at 2pm
11:00 AM




Skipton Town Hall
Skipton Town Hall