What better way to explore Skipton than following some fun interactive trails, from heritage to animated dogs there really is something for all the family.

What was here?

Download the What was Here app to travel back in time and explore the history of Skipton with community curated heritage trails.

You can choose from the Skipton Heritage trail, Skipton Street Stories, Skipton Pub Trail and A string of Beads. All will take you back in time where you will learn about the rich heritage of the town.

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Fresh perspective

Fresh Perspective aims to bring joy to people’s lives through colour and public art, nationwide!

From 2021 until March 2024, they delivered a Community in Colour project which is now the Skipton Community in colour Arts Trail.

Follow the trail by scanning the QR codes on each piece of art.

Visit the website: https://fresh-perspective.org/

Dog's dales

For a unique family experience in Skipton you can download the free  Dogs’ Dales Augmented Reality app!

This mobile app trail takes you through a short treasure hunt trail around Skipton town centre where you can conjure up cute dogs to interact with.

The dogs ask you some local heritage linked fun questions and in the end reward you with a treat voucher to a local participating business.

Amazingly during the trail you can also dance with the dogs and pose for fun pictures to share!

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