Mindgame by Anthony Horowitz (Thriller)

Mindgame by Anthony Horowitz (Thriller)

From the imaginative mind of Anthony Horowitz, the mastermind behind Foyle’s War, the BBC’s New Blood, Alex Rider, the Sherlock Holmes novels House of Silk and Moriarty, and the James Bond novel Trigger Mortis, comes a captivating psychological thriller.

The story unfolds as Mark Styler, a renowned author of ‘true crime’ sensationalist novels, attempts to secure an interview with Easterman, a famed serial killer. Little does he know the world he’s stepping into. His first challenge is to navigate past Dr. Farquhar, the eccentric head of Fairfields, the institution where Easterman is housed.

However, as he delves deeper, he realises that appearances can be deceiving. Questions start to pile up: Who is the enigmatic figure known as Borson? What is the origin of the meat in the fridge? And why is the closet devoid of a skeleton?

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Saturday Matinee: 2.00pm


01 - 05 Aug 2023


7:30 PM



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