Cat’s Cradle by Leslie Sands (Thriller)

Cat’s Cradle by Leslie Sands (Thriller)

In an effort to revive his faltering career, Detective Inspector Jack Frost revisits a haunting, unsolved case from his past – a kidnapping and potential murder. Armed with fresh evidence, Frost returns to the small village where the crime occurred. Once welcomed as a hero, he now confronts a wall of silence and resentment from the villagers, who are reluctant to dredge up painful memories.

As Frost delves deeper, he encounters a web of secrecy and antagonism. In a bid to break through the silence, he teams up with an eager local reporter, determined to uncover the truth. Together, they start peeling back layers of deception and guilt harbored by the villagers for years.

The investigation culminates in a series of shocking revelations, horrifying Inspector Frost and revealing the dark and horrific secrets long hidden by the villagers.

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05 - 09 Dec 2023


7:30 PM

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Skipton Little Theatre


Skipton Little Theatre
Clifford Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2AD
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