The Scottish Play by Barn in The Yard

The Scottish Play by Barn in The Yard

William Shakespeare is stuck. Like, really stuck. Blank parchment stuck. He is trying to write a new masterpiece, and he has the weight of his company’s eager return to the stage on his shoulders. What’s more, Shakespeare has been sent to Scotland to write a masterpiece, but apart from meeting a witch and penning a rough draft of a speech about a dagger, he’s got nothing! The King will have his head on a stick if Will dares show his quill in London without a Scottish play.

Join the Bard for this roller-coaster ride of classic monologues and plague quarantine travails from author and director Victoria Gartner, and enjoy this show “delivered to perfection” (The Telegraph) by the Bard. The project’s Godmother, Dame Helen Mirren, says it best: “If you’re looking for an unforgettable theatrical experience, I highly recommend it”,

‘The Scottish Play’ is brought to you by Bard in the Yard, a project that connects actors with audiences. Nicknamed ‘deliveroo theatre’ by the Telegraph’s Dominic Cavendish, Bard in the Yard delights audiences in yards, schools, care homes, pubs, clubs, cafes, outdoor theatres, on jetties, in cathedrals… All the world’s our stage, really.

Our two solo shows: ‘King Leonardo’ and ‘The Scottish Play’ are performed by actors all across England and Scotland. In Bard in the Yard you help the greatest playwright of all time overcome his plague quarantine-induced writer’s block…. and you must succeed, upon pain of boils and all our heads on sticks!

Help Shakespeare write The Scottish Play in this “irresistible*”, “funny and moving, not to mention, immersive**” new play.

(*The Guardian), (**The Telegraph)

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25 Aug 2022


11:00 AM



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