‘On Hoof through Hawthorn’

‘On Hoof through Hawthorn’

The latest exhibition taking place at Mill Bridge Gallery, ‘On Hoof through Hawthorn’, promises not to disappoint! It pairs Artists Bev Parker of Cum-bye arts and Sarah Roche of Art in Felt in praise of two of Yorkshire’s most iconic features – our sheep and our hawthorns.

Bev is an established landscape and agrarian artist known for her distinctive, vibrant representations, through watercolours, mixed media and earthy textures, of native animals and fauna. Here she showcases the many different breeds of sheep to be found in the Dales, each alive with their own distinctive colour and character.

Sarah is a felt artist who uses her medium so effectively as to pull the viewer into the scenes she portrays – using dyed wool tops and natural fibres to ‘paint’, you could easily imagine yourself to be standing in the landscape, braced against the wind, sheltering behind the Hawthorn’s gnarled branches.

Both employ their specialist techniques to great effect to tell the stories of these quintessential features of the Yorkshire Dales.

The exhibition runs Thursday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Other times by appointment.

The event is finished.


03 - 26 Nov 2022


Mill Bridge Gallery
3 Mill Bridge, Skipton