Meet Parveen

Meet Parveen

“The mattress between my legs has reached maximum urine capacity.”

Parveen is 45 or 46 (she can’t remember which).  Sweaty, fed up, gets regular headaches and wears pyjamas and knickers in bed. Welcome to the Menopause, Parveen,

Join Falling Stars Theatre (story tellers that connect, energise and inspire) for a play/ post show discussion exploring the triumphs and tribulations of getting older.

A week in the life of Parveen examines how the menopause affects a women’s world; 3am showers, angry about nothing, confused, confused why confused, toilet trips, forgetting that important word, battling teenagers when all you want to do is hide, high sex drive (yes you heard me right) and just wanting to stay YOU!

This play will stimulate thoughts, questions, responses (we hope growth will be inevitable) for women beginning or not yet started their menopause journey, for partners who are not sure what’s going on and for those menopausal women who feel isolated, this story is yours.

In this honest, heartfelt and hot play about a woman navigating the triumphs and tribulations of getting older, Parveen discovers the unity of womanhood, the diverse range of menopausal symptoms and an increased interest in sex. Welcome to the Menopause, Parveen.

Come one and all and help us celebrate women!


60 mins

£12.50 General Admission | £10.00 under 25s | £7.50 Under 16s

The event is finished.


12 Apr 2024


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Skipton Town Hall
Skipton Town Hall
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