Beneath The Banner

Beneath The Banner

“I remember the blue scars. Every miner had blue scars.”

Gail, the grand-daughter of a coal miner, is piecing together her late grandpa’s story. As she does so, with the help of reluctant former miner Aubrey, we meet a myriad of characters, including a pit nurse, coal queen, hewer, and pit-brow lassie. Created partly from the words of former miners and their families, Beneath the Banner shines a light on the untold and unseen stories of coalmining communities, from fireside to pit bottom.

Up The Road Theatre, based in Kent, make new theatre that explores literature, culture and history in a way that is accessible and engaging to audiences.


2 Hours (including interval)

The event is finished.


25 Mar 2023


7:00 PM



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Skipton Town Hall
Skipton Town Hall
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