Traditional Sweets, Kids Favourites, Fudge, American Candy, Ice cream, Drinks, and More

Sweets and treats help us celebrate some of the happiest moments of our lives – birthday parties, fairground trips, sunny days out with loved ones, and school yard memories. Just a single taste or smell can evoke powerful recollections from days gone by.

With around 300 jars of your favourite sweets we are sure to have what you’re looking for and quite a few that you have never seen before! Sweets are our passion and we want you to have a great experience in our shop – plus we still serve by the quarter if you ask and each bag is individually weighed out for you and put in a sweetie bag just like you remember!

Sarsaparilla’s is Skipton’s oldest and original retro sweet shop, offering a glorious range of vintage sweets straight from the jar. Remember the days when walking into a sweet shop meant rows of jars offering candy in all the colours of the rainbow? Sarsaparilla’s takes you back in time.

Whether you’re seeking a taste of times gone by, candy from around the globe, or a unique gift for someone special, you’ll find it at Sarsaparilla’s Traditional Sweet Shop.

We look forward to seeing you soon!