Purl and Jane Knitting Emporium

Purl and Jane sells beautiful, top quality yarns because we believe that your handmade creations should be special.

Imagine the joy of using the finest natural fibres and the truest colours to produce items that look and feel magical.

We would love to share our knowledge and passion and show you how fulfilling it can be to create something luxurious and unique.

Owner Jane Ellison has created Purl and Jane Knitting Emporium using every ounce of her experience as well-respected hand-knit designer and welcomes you to explore her array of yarns, buttons, trinkets and designs to help you conjure up a stunning, individual piece.

Let knitting bring you pride and laughter along the way.

Purl and Jane: The journey starts here.

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website, phone number and where to find us

Website: www.purlandjane.co.uk

Phone number: 01756 228247

Address: 4 Mount Pleasant, High Street, Skipton
                     BD23 1JZ