If you like running, then why not try fell racing?

Fell running is one of the oldest and most traditional sports there is, with the first recorded race dating back to 1040. And, despite long being popular throughout the north of England, it is the Yorkshire Dales that lays claim to some of the oldest organised fell races in the history books, with those at Lothersdale near Skipton and Burnsall in Wharfedale dating back to the mid 1800s.

The beauty of fell running is that just one race can bring together many unique challenges; from soft, muddy and boggy moorlands to rocky, rugged and sheer fell sides, to climbing walls and stiles – all of which test strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, in addition to running ability.

There are more than 40 unique fell running events taking place in the Dales throughout the main season of May to September, which means there is something for everyone no matter your fitness or experience, and with most races – especially those organised by the British Open Fell Runners Association (BOFRA), open to all, it effectively means that anyone from any background or gender age from Under 9 to 90 can turn up and run.

For further information about fell running and racing, visit www.runthedales.org.uk.

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