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Skipton Auction Mart hosts a selection of Pedigree Sheep & Cattle Sales throughout the year and it is one of the leading auctions in the country for working sheepdogs, attracting sellers and buyers from across the UK and Ireland. Cattle markets had been held in Skipton for centuries. Initially they were held on the High Street, [read more]


At the top of Skipton High Street stands the impressive Gatehouse of Skipton Castle. Over 900 years old, it is one of the most complete and best-preserved medieval castles in England. Skipton Castle was established soon after William I’s ‘Harrying of the North’, a brutal campaign conducted in 1069/70 to suppress opposition to Norman rule [read more]


Skipton became a railway town in 1847 when the Leeds – Bradford – Keighley Railway was extended, soon joined by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway from Manchester. A year later, the line was extended to Colne and initially, passengers would leave the train at Skipton for onward travel to the villages in Wharfedale by horse-drawn [read more]


The Leeds to Liverpool Canal, which runs through the centre of Skipton, was completed in 1816 and is 127 miles long. The main line of the canal has a number of historic connections to footpaths around the town, many of which would have been created to allow mill workers routes from residential areas to the [read more]


Award winning Skipton High Street includes a blend of independent and national shops and has been praised for its enduring individuality and character. Where other high streets have undergone much change and become clones of each other, Skipton High Street has retained its old world charm. Today the High Street is bustling with activity as [read more]


Thanks to a Heritage Lottery Grant, Craven Museum and Gallery is currently undergoing major development. This means that the museum within Skipton Town Hall is closed to the public until summer 2020. However, we are going out and about with items from our collection to schools, libraries and other venues while we are closed. To [read more]