Safeguarding your world, using state-of-the-art technology

N-Viro Clean Ltd. is forging a new way of thinking about protection against harmful micro-organisms – addressing key business concerns resulting from Covid-19

N-Viro Clean have teamed up with an infection control specialist with over 20 years of experience in healthcare environments around the world. The process has been refined so that it can be carried out with minimal disturbance to your business.

We have been appointed as the Nexus affiliate partner for Yorkshire and are one of only 10 independent regional teams who have been trained to deliver the EnviroGuard programme as an accredited affiliate partner.

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– We identify high-risk areas in your premises
– We do a full Bio-Clean (after your normal cleaning)
– We apply a covalent (permanent) bond of a tested and approved liquid to the surfaces using electrostatic technology that seals the surface* against viruses, bacteria and fungi.
– We go over high ‘traffic’ touch points by hand with the same liquid to be doubly sure they are coated.
– We advise on future maintenance
* this includes any electrical equipment such as computer keyboards –

Our service is based on the EnviroGuard programme which provides a first line defence in infection prevention – designed to provide a permanent barrier, prevent cross contamination for a safe and responsible return of staff and customers to the workplace, retail outlet etc

To supplement the protective barrier, the Germfree24 hand sanitiser formula, which forms part of the programme, contains the same microbe shield technology to provide 24 hour germ free hand protection from microbial contamination from surfaces and frequent touch points.

Please note that we are not a cleaning company – this programme is in addition to your normal cleaning regime but the products we will advise you to use afterwards will probably save you money and are safe for the environment.

Nexus is a subsidiary of the Fortel Group, a leading nationwide facilities company.

Contact: Michelle Stoker, Director

Tel:  0800 0834 826
Mobile: 07753 637026